Beginners Photography

1 July 2022

11:00 pm


3 hours

Photography is a rewarding and satisfying hobby for millions of enthusiast worldwide. Photography can change your view of the world and make you look at things differently. When you start to get serious about taking photos, you may notice a unique transformation in your perception of the world around you.

The aim of this course is to help you create better photos with composition and understanding how to control the amount of light that enters your camera. Generally, we will cover of these topics.

1. Compositional rules and the basics for taking a good photo

2. Basic camera settings including mobile phone cameras

3. Looking at the light

4. Understanding the Exposure Triangle – aperture, shutter and ISO

5. White balance

6. When to use a wide aperture and when to use a low aperture

By the end of the course, you will feel more confident in shooting your personal projects and coming along to meet ups to keep practicing.

There are a range of things to shoot at this new park from water and boats to native flora and cultural sculptures. Toilets and cafes nearby.

Your Instructor

Shayne Leslie

Courses are managed by OatLabs ABN 18 113 479 226 trading as Central Coast Photography Group. Clicking the Enrol link will take you to their booking site. Please read their terms and conditions before booking. Shayne Leslie does not manage bookings and refunds.

Shayne Leslie