Meet up - Beautiful Botanica - Native Flowers and Bush Stroll

7 October 2022

10:00 pm


It is springtime in the Australian Bush and that means many unique wildflowers will be on show.

While the Warah Trig Trail, Patonga is a popular flower-spotting trek, you will learn to photograph beautiful botanica on the lesser-known Van Dahl’s Fire Trail, 1.2km back towards Gosford.

We will wander around 1 km taking in the abundance of native wildflowers learning how to best achieve colour and use reflectors, the importance of perspective in capturing interesting angles, capturing floral detail and within landscape compositions, using the sun to backlight and focus stacking (tripod required). Come away with at least five beautiful portraits.

You will create well-balanced shots specifically using leading lines and perspective. You will progress to the rule of thirds, negative space, and Fibonacci (or the Golden Ratio). As a bonus, you will learn to notice foreground and background focus points of your composition and the use of shadows that may enhance your main subject or story.

As a bonus, you will learn to notice the other aspects of your composition that may enhance your main subject or story.

Your Instructor

Shayne Leslie

Courses are managed by OatLabs ABN 18 113 479 226 trading as Central Coast Photography Group. Clicking the Enrol link will take you to their booking site. Please read their terms and conditions before booking. Shayne Leslie does not manage bookings and refunds.