Terrigal at Dawn - Early start time to catch the sunrise

5 August 2022

7:30 pm


2 hours

A significant outcome of this session is to introduce you to a range of techniques used to get that magic sunrise shot. You might not get it today, but you will be on you way with inspiration and a grab bag of technical ideas.

Sunrise is at 6.20am with the tide coming in. Our session will start at the cracking hour of 5.30am. Make sure you pack your camera bag the night before. You will want to arrive well before the sunrise so you can set up your tripod, gear, and take some practice shots and get those delicious dawn hues.

Once set, you won’t move around too much as the light is low up until around 6.45am. Using torches won’t be recommended (even to set a focus point) as everyone will be shooting long exposures and your light could ruin someone else’s shot.

May the sun-gods bless us this day, but if it is raining the session won’t go ahead. While any type of camera can be used including mobile phones in pro-mode, you will need a tripod for this session. You will learn to experiment with shutter speeds and long exposures as the light continually and rapidly changes.

Learn how to manually focus and set your white balance to capture the warm tones of the sunrise. You can bring your polarising filters and graduated neutral density filters. Depending on the size of the group and your camera capabilities, you can trial blending multiple exposures of the landscape together.

You’ll be part of a discussion on capturing emotion, post-processing and what is popular today, and discuss each other’s expansive or limited experience with sunrise shoots. We are always learning and perfecting!

Your Instructor

Shayne Leslie

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Shayne Leslie