The Exposure Triangle - In Forest Environments

15 July 2022

11:00 pm


2 hours

The Exposure Triangle is the foundation of photography. To move the needle on creating compelling stories through your photography, mastering the exposure triangle is key. Today, at the award winning Strickland State Forest we will experience diverse forest environments requiring a variety of exposure settings to achieve beautiful images of the Australian bush.

If the rain gods are good to us, we will have many small waterfalls and cascades to shoot. We will discuss the elements to shooting water and the different techniques to arrive a different textures. A tripod is highly recommended.

Strickland State Forest on Darkinjung Country, is a special place and a living exhibition of exceptionally diverse forest habitats. From wildflowers and dry heath woodland in the north, tall eucalypts on its slopes through to lush rainforest in the south. We will start in the dry woodland ridge and then drive down to the rainforest section.

Your Instructor

Shayne Leslie

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Shayne Leslie