A Secret Garden

Back to October 2021, a secret pathway took me o a beautiful display of natives, including a dazzling white carpet of Actinotus Helianthi or Flannel Flowers.

Actinotus Helianthi or Flannel Flowers in the sunrise at Norah Head.

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Also on this secret trail where the wonderful Lambertia formosa, commonly known as mountain devil.

This is one of my favourite flowers, Eriostemon australasius or pink wax flower. Here it is captured at Norah Head . I marvel at the delicate beauty on the petals and pistal.

I fell in love with the aroma and industry of this Melaleuca nodosa, commonly known as prickly-leaved paperbark. Bees and other pollinators abounded.

Isopogon anemonifolius, commonly known as broad-leaved drumsticks.

Isopogon anemonifolius or broad-leaved drumsticks

Grasses and sedge are very important in dune stabilisation. They support many, many tiny creatures above and below ground creating a healthy ecosystem.

Other friends. A dog, New Holland Honeyeater and a face off between Wattle bird and Kookaburra.

Images (C) 2022 Shayne Leslie and Leslie Photography

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