Where to put your hands in a group shot

You're lining up for the group shot. Some people cross their hands neatly in front of their you-know-what.


Hack. Rub your pockets like you are looking for 20 cents in a circular motion. Do this for about 3 seconds, then let your hands drop heavy down your sides (because you don't have 20 cents). Perfect!

Instead of looking like you're defending a goal in world cup soccer, you now look poised and in control. Your shoulders will be slightly forward because of the heaviness of your hands giving you a relaxed and welcoming appearance.

Everyone will look neat and cohesive, just like the amazingly talented 42nd Street Band below. I made them rub their pockets and the bonus is everyone thinks it's kind of funny... and they give you a nice smile. Even the MD.

Photography isn't just turning up and pressing a button. There are all kinds of hacks you need to know to get the best result!


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PS: Coming soon is my e-book, Posing Hacks that will make you look So Much Better!


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