Where to put your hands when seated at a table

Picture L-R is Carolyn Chambers, Sarah Blitz, Laura Piccardi and Martina Bafoil.

Here comes the event photographer and you're seated at the table. Quick! Do you sit up straight, shoulders back and politely clasp your hands on your lap with a big smile?


Hack. Make sure your hands can be seen. Show your bling, your lovely nails or strong grip. Get those hands where we can see them.

Rest on the table putting your weight on one of your forearms. This will make you lean in and look more welcoming and engaging in the photo. It will give your neck and chin a natural extension and you will find yourself smiling more naturally.

The fabulous business women in the main picture above have their hands out (as directed by moi). See how engaging they look. See how they lean in. They all have lovely shapes and natural smiles. Try it the next time someone whips out their mobile phone for the group party shot.

Martina Bafoil

When we look at Martina Bafoil (right) from Celtic Heart Healing, she is leaning on the table showing her bling. This gives Martina's upper body a lovely extension. You catch her eyes and then look at her natural smile.

You can't get a selfie shot like Martina's casual snap. When your arm sticks out, you contort your body in an unnatural manner. It does not look as welcoming!

Photography isn't just turning up and pressing a button. There are all kinds of hacks you need to know to get the best result!


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