Why you need fabulous professional photos of YOU

There is only one reason why you need to invest in professional photos of yourself.


Let’s start with a Headshot

What happened the last time someone asked you for a professional photo? Did you hold out your arm and take a selfie or two? Stand grinning against a brick wall? Whack on the beauty filter?

How good would it be to email off a professional image that looks sharp and crisp, and accurately portrays your professionalism.

Everyone needs a fabulous headshot.

Your image communicates your personality, uniqueness, and perceived competence. Investing in a professional deck of portraits could help you build lucrative relationships.

If you’re speaking at a workshop or conference to a new audience, being considered for a new role, or need a website profile, your headshot is the only thing to which others can frame who you are, your personality and your tone.

Imagine opening a conference brochure or article only to find your selfie is dark and pixelated. Another person who is featured and pictured next to you looks a million bucks with their professional headshot.

Getting great professional headshots, the bit where you stand in front of my camera, that is only a small part in the professional image journey. It’s probably the bit that terrifies most people. It’s not an easy thing to which to commit, and I’ll help you understand some of the other parts of the journey over the next few weeks to get you more comfortable with the idea.

The other thing is that you want a headshot that is finished with the look that suits your environment. Retouching, dropping in backgrounds and textures, a bit of a sunbeam, matte versus glowing or vivid contrast versus mono… that’s what I do differently to other photographers.

It’s not about one shot either. We’ll also talk about creating your ‘lookbook’.

What is a Lookbook?

A lookbook is a collection of photographs compiled to show off a person in a variety of styles and situations. Usually used in fashion, it has become an essential tool for business leaders, consultants, and actors to show various emotive tones and scenes to strengthen their communication with their audience.

Think large photos with empowering subjects. Your lookbook should show your aspirational daily life and create images that connect.

Don’t be confused by the book part. A lookbook concept is applicable to website profiles. Most people aren’t going to be drawn in by text. It is your image and the way you connect through your eyes and body language that will give you the edge.

How is this different to a ‘Corporate Deck’?

Your photographic corporate deck is specifically shot for business purposes. We’ll shoot a range of business images you can drop in to make your presentations and website highly personalised.

Most people want to connect and buy local and that means you need to localise and humanise your business offering. Stock photos which are purposely shot in a generic style won’t always show you off.

A corporate deck can be a large investment, so I am giving away one half-day corporate deck shoot valued at nearly $3,000. See here for details.


Shayne Leslie

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