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Shayne Leslie has been photographing for a very long time. Her first 'official' camera was a basic Pentax point and shoot film camera. Shayne bought her Nikon D50 camera in 2006 to shoot her first wedding. Lucky it was her brother's wedding, so the pressure was kind of only moderate. Since then, she's worked through a few Nikon digital SLRs and amassed a range of lens and assorted gear.

Shayne combines her background as a musician, theatre performer, marketer, writer and small business owner with her photography to create modern and inspired portraits. As a corporate photographer, she is able to confidently direct you in presenting to your best. As a landscape photographer, her images are rich and detailed immersing you into their beauty. 

When she’s not writing about herself in the third person, Shayne likes to go bushwalking and travelling to regional Australia. Shayne and her husband, Nick Chettle, love to fuss about with their Habitat for Wildlife garden and grow organic microgreens, spending long hours toiling away for the reward of a crisp gin and tonic at days' end.

Shayne donates her photography and graphic design services to various community musical theatre groups. Nick and Shayne live in Wyoming, NSW, Australia with their two beloved cats, Tilly and Larry.

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